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 Bose® 901 & 802 Speaker Repair Refoam Re-Edge Service With Lifetime Cloth Surrounds
   Bose® 800 802 901 Equalizer Repair Capacitor Replacement Service With Exclusive Audiophile Upgrades
Polk® Speaker & Crossover Repair & Upgrades Audiophile Grade Components

Classic & Vintage Speaker Repair & Restoration
Specializing in Vintage Bose® and Polk® Loudspeaker Systems as well as ALL other Major Brands and Models

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DHS Speaker Service ® , Feeding Hills, MA 01030

Speaker Repair Refoam Re-edge Re-Foam Woofer Bose® 901 Repair Bose® 800 Repair Bose® 802 Repair Bose® 301 Repair Bose® 601 Repair Bose® Equalizer Repair Vintage Classic Speakers
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