Bose® Speaker Repair   DHS Speaker Service®   Polk® Speaker Repair

 Bose® 901 & 802 Speaker Repair Refoam Re-Edge Service With Lifetime Cloth Surrounds
   Bose® 800 802 901 Equalizer Repair Capacitor Replacement Service With Exclusive Audiophile Upgrades
Polk® Speaker & Crossover Repair & Upgrades Audiophile Grade Components

Woofer & Driver Refoam & Re-Edging with Premium Polyether Surrounds, and premium treated cloth for certain models.

Woofer and Driver Re-coning services for most brands, which replaces all the moving parts

Crossover Repair, Replacement, and Upgrades with Premium Audiophile quality components

Polk® Vintage Specialty Services for Monitor, RTA, SDA, SRS Series. Crossover Repair & Rebuild with Audiophile Grade Components, Custom Built 800VA AI-1 Dreadnaughts, Custom Fabricated Interconnect and Speaker Cables.

Special Re-Edging Services for Bose® 901s & 802s with Lifetime Treated Cloth Surrounds, Spider & Voice coil re-alignment, and new Dust Caps.

Bose® 901 Series III & IV custom modifications for improved Imaging and overall sound quality.

Bose® 800 & 802 Professional PA Systems Internal Component Repairs, and Connector Upgrades with Genuine Neutrik® Speakon® Connectors.

Bose® Active Equalizer Repair & Upgrade Service, with my exclusive Audiophile Enhancements which take your Bose® 800, 802, & 901 Equalizer/Controller to a whole new level. Through extensive research, careful component selection, and testing, I've developed upgrade packages for almost all models, past and present. Your 800s, 802s & 901s will sound better than new, tighter bass, crystal clear vocals and improved imaging.

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